Does Your Body Have Pitta in Dominance?

Does Your Body Have Pitta in Dominance?
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Every person has a different rate of metabolism (or the prakruthi) in the body. Depending on how your body metabolises the food you consume, your body type is judged. The Vata, Pitta and the Kapha body types can be easily identified by a set of traits which define them. The Pitta body type people have a huge, sensitive and timed metabolism rate which dictates the mood swings and the type of diseases that are caused when Pitta is imbalanced.

The Pitta body type person when in balance is accurate, highly active and a good decision maker. When this person is out of balance, anger, anxiety and impatience are the displayed traits. These are few typical characteristics that define a person with a Pitta body type.

Diseases affecting the Pitta body type

The Pitta body type person is prone to suffering from imbalance related to Pitta easily. Skipping meals or eating heat causing foods or sour tasting foods in excess will add to the pitta and imbalance it causing digestion related disorders like the acid reflux, diarrhoea or the skin rashes. If the Pitta is too less, anaemia, vision impairment and sluggish metabolism are observed.

Sexual performance of the Pitta Body type

The Pitta when imbalanced may cause digestion related disorders and affect the Agni. This Agni dosha may lead to sexual dysfunction disorders. This disorder may affect the sexual energy and hence cause the reproductive system to malfunction.

A common sexual dysfunction disorder is the lowered libido. On the other hand, too much pitta in a Pitta type person may result in hormonal imbalance and affect the reproductive organ functioning. Insomnia, Hyperacidity and thinning hair are other common problems which give rise to sexual disorders in the person with Pitta dominance. When the Agni is imbalanced, the mood swings are extreme and hence lead to depression driven sexual disorders.

Balancing it with Food

A person with Pitta factor dominant in his/her body should maintain balance by cooling or adding to the Agni according to the symptoms. For example, skin rash, acne and hot flashes indicate excess pitta and need cooling food consumption. The lack of pitta is indicated by anaemia and indigestion in a person requiring him/her to consume pitta increasing foods. A person should first change the diet to balance the Pitta dosha. When there is no significant improvement, expert advice in this regard must be sought. Only a learned practitioner in this field will be able to prescribe the right herb and dose to bring back the balance in the body.

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