Symptoms that Indicate Erectile Dysfunction ( ED )

Symptoms that Indicate Erectile Dysfunction ( ED )
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ED or Erectile Dysfunction is a common condition in men. This condition is prominent in middle-aged men but young men of this generation may also be at risk of ED. It is important that you evaluate the risk factors and take necessary precautions. Listed below are few risk factors to watch out for.

Addiction to Smoking, Alcohol or Drug Abuse

The addiction to smoke or booze is a crippling factor that affects the blood circulation and hence ability to hold an erection. Nicotine hinders the proper blood flow to the reproductive organs and hence affects the flow to the penis during an erection, thereby making it difficult to hold it. Cardiac and lung-related ailments are an outcome of smoking and which increases the risk of developing ED. Drug abuse or a side effect of medications is one of the important risk factor contributing to the development of ED. Restrict the habit of popping pills without a prescription to keep ED at bay.

Cardiovascular conditions

Cardiac ailments hinder the pumping of blood to the organs, including the reproductive organs. An erection is affected when the blood rush to the penis is constricted. Also, medications prescribed for treating this condition may sometimes cause ED as a side effect.


Obesity causes severe conditions that affect cardiac health and blood circulation in the body. Obesity is a risk factor which can put younger men at risk of developing ED.

Any condition which interferes with proper blood circulation mechanism of the body may cause ED in an otherwise healthy young man.


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