How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally and Permanently

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally and Permanently
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It is observed that on an average Erectile Dysfunction affects about 20% of men in any age group. If the condition is observed as an ageing-related condition, nothing much can be done. But, if the condition is a side effect of certain drugs or alcohol consumption, one can easily get over it by exercising restraint and maintaining a healthy body. If you happen to have a habit of watching porn, you are susceptible to develop ED sooner or later. In many cases of ED, diet changes, herbal supplements and exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles are able to cure the condition.

A potent mixture of herbs and minerals in the Rasanaya Shastra helps one rejuvenate the sexual organs and hence regulate the functioning. If a person has lowered secretion of testosterone, it affects the release of dopamine and Nitric oxide both of which, have prominent roles in making your penis erect. In order to get your hormonal balance in place, you may be recommended herbal medicines. A herbal preparation named Ficus religious Linn. has been proved for its efficacy to cure ED permanently.

Stop watching porn and start taking fresh diet to revitalise your body. Your line of treatment may sometimes include a toxic expulsion procedure using the panchakarma therapies. This is usually followed up with the Vajeekarana therapy or the Rasayana therapy.

The Ayurveda mentions the Vajeekarana therapy to cure all ailments related to sexual debility conditions, including ED. Ayurveda has answers to many conditions which have no permanent solution using the conventional medicines.


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