Why is it Good to Abstain from Sex, When Pregnant?

Why is it Good to Abstain from Sex, When Pregnant?
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Although sexual encounters during pregnancy are a common thing, many times, a couple is advised to abstain from sex during the pregnancy to avoid complications to the fetus or the mother. Though the reality of the complications occurring is different to the myths which are propagated, it is good to know when is it time to abstain from sex.

It is important to understand that sexual intimacy is not the parameter to measure your love. Love and affection need not end in a sexual intercourse all the time. Engaging in foreplay or cuddling is also an expression of love and a safe way to be satisfied. If a woman suffers from certain conditions which hamper with the progress of pregnancy she may be advised to abstain from sex. Listed below are few scenarios where the couple is advised to stay off sex.

Progressing pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy will accommodate the growing fetus with a growing uterus. If a woman is uncomfortable during sex, it is an indication to avoid sex.


A condition like genital herpes may spread to the pregnant woman during sex with an infected partner. In general, it is good to abstain from sex when your partner is diagnosed with an STD and you happen to be carrying.

Vaginal spotting or bleeding

Sometimes, a healthy pregnancy may observe spotting or vaginal bleeding due to many reasons. In such a case, it is good to abstain from sex.

Complications like cervical incompetency, placental issues, etc: Certain complications in women make it difficult to carry the pregnancy for the full term. In cases like cervical incompetency, the couple is asked to avoid sex. It is same with cases of placental issues.

Repeated abortion history

If a woman has a history of abortions or miscarriages, it is good to avoid all sexual encounters until the reason for the abortions or miscarriages is ascertained. Consuming a healthy diet helps in normal growth of the fetus and hence, avoid abortions due to abnormal fetus growth.

A dilated cervix

Cervix dilations occurring too soon during a pregnancy may trigger strong contractions and cause premature delivery of the baby. Usually, this is observed when the cervix is incompetent enough to hold the growing fetus. To avoid any complications, the couple is advised to stay away from sex until the pregnancy has advanced to a safe stage. Attending regular check-ups and following up the cervix dilation parameters closely helps the couple take necessary precautions in case of a complication.

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