Genital Herpes – An Ayurvedic Approach

Genital Herpes – An Ayurvedic Approach
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The genital herpes is caused by the virus strains of the HSV2, while the HSV1 is known to cause oral herpes. A modern approach to curing this disease requires one to consume antiviral drugs for the prescribed duration. Sometimes, constant recurrences are treated by use of long-term antiviral drugs.

The branch of Ayurveda identifies and names every disease as a result of the imbalanced constitutions in a body. The Vata, Pitta and the Kapha are the three important constitutions or the Doshas which regulate and maintain our body functioning. Although the HSV disease is a result of the virus contamination in the body, weaker immune system due to vitiated pitta is identified as the main cause by the Ayurveda.

In general, a strong immune system controls the contamination by fighting the virus and hence, avoiding the symptoms of the skin lesions from appearing. When the immune system is weakened, the imbalances in the pitta interfere with the digestive functioning and hence lead to other imbalances thereby resulting in skin lesions. The skin lesions in the genital region where the virus has gained an entry is one of the demarcating symptoms for the HSV.

What are skin lesions according to Ayurveda?

Any skin condition according to the Ayurveda is caused due to the malfunctioning digestive system or vitiated pitta. For example, if the diet includes too much sour tasting, spicy or bitter tasting food, the secretion of the digestive juices gets imbalanced. This imbalance results in inefficient digestion, thereby giving rise to Ama or the impurity of the blood. This impure blood appears as skin lesions on regions where the skin is tender or has been contaminated due to the presence of the HSV or any other virus.

Why detoxify?

The imbalances in the constitutions of the body arise due to the increase in toxins in the blood, skin and other organ cells of the body. The detoxification procedure helps remove the toxins from the body thereby rejuvenating the skin and organ cells to enhance the efficiency and the functioning. When opting for Ayurveda as a treatment option for HSV, one may have to follow the dietary regulations religiously because the food consumed helps balance the vitiated pitta and hence pacify all the other Doshas in the body thereby curing the disease.

What to Expect?

Along with dietary changes, vitamin and supplements to boost your immune system may be prescribed after the detoxification course. For curing skin lesions, blood purifying herb extracts along with the local applicants for healing the inflamed skin cells of the genital region are prescribed.


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