Abdominal Disease Causing Infertility in Women

Abdominal Disease Causing Infertility in Women
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Abdominal diseases like appendicitis or colitis may sometimes lead to blockage of tubes. An infection to other reproductive organs may sometimes cause inflammation and hence blockage in the fallopian tubes. The blockage may disrupt the process of fertilisation or travelling of the egg to the uterus and hence cause ectopic pregnancies when fertilisation takes place. This kind of unexplained infertility caused due to abdominal diseases or infections to the tubes may be diagnosed with procedures like Sonohysterogram, hysterosalpingogram or diagnostic laparoscopy. In severe cases, IVF is suggested as the remedy when the blockage is severe or the tubes are scarred due to prior surgeries or infections.

Understanding the Condition

In Ayurveda, there is no explicit mention of diseases to the fallopian tubes in the Charaka Samhitha. This condition can be compared to the Sanga Srotodushti which must be understood by studying the Ayatana, Linga, Prakriti, etc., for this condition before suggesting a treatment. A culmination of three Doshas is known to cause such a blockage in the follpian tubes. The vitiated Vata is considered to be the primary cause of tubal blockage but sometimes vata and pitta imbalances are a reason for development of inflammation in appendix and hence tubal blockages.

The appendicitis condition once diagnosed is corrected via a surgery to remove the same in modern conventional medicine. In Ayurveda, pacifying the vitiated dosha helps control the inflammation and hence avoid the development of final stages of appendicitis. In many conditions which affect the reproductive organ health, the Hot or Pitta vitiating foods are the primary reason for causing unknown infertility in women.

The line of Treatment at Khokar

At Khokar, the Prakruthi of a person is studied during the consultation before proceeding with the treatment. As with all cases of diseases, a complete body detoxification is necessary to enhance the response of the organs to the herbal medicines. This helps boost the results by improving the reception of the organs towards the herbs.

Once the Dosha pacifying medicines and diet are recommended, a Vajeekarana Chikitsa line of treatment is suggested in severe cases. This helps improve the efficiency of all the reproductive organs and hence, regularise their functioning.

The blockages are removed naturally when the Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha vitiation is balanced with the right diet. The blocks may be structural when Vata vitiation is prominent. If you happen to suffer

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