Ayurveda to Address Issues of Male and Female Infertility

Ayurveda to Address Issues of Male and Female Infertility
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Infertility in men and women are attributed to a variety of factors, both physical and psychological. In men, the sperm quality, mobility and production play an important role in dertermining the fertility. In women, there are many issues like the irregular/missed ovulation, uterine incapability, cervical issues, hormonal and reproductive organ issues that cause infertility.

Ovarian issues, no production of eggs, maturation arrest are other factors which cause infertility in women. With so many factors coming to play, it is difficult for modern science to diagnose and treat the root cause of the problem. But modern conventional mode of treating infertility is, to resort to IVF and find a method to conceive. These techniques do more harm than good to the women and the infants thus conceived. A study observed that infants born of ART/IVF methods are prone to congenital birth defects, autism, abnormalities in the important organs like the heart, kidney, etc., because the defects in organs of the parents are not rectified.

CDRT from Dr Hameed Ibrahim

The cell detoxification and regeneration therapy developed by Dr Hameed Ibrahim treats various defects in the reproductive organs and their functioning. This treatment lays stress on correcting the problem at its core. This treatment begins with a detoxification technique and is followed by the cell regeneration technique. The principle of the treatment is ”dhatu nirmana krama,” which lays stress on the food consumed. It disintegrates the defective cells during detoxification, regenerates it and helps normalise the functioning of organs. This type of detoxification at the cells level helps overcome all the defects.

For chronic diseases, the Rasa Shastra offers a mix of minerals, herbs, metals, and organic compounds in the form of a potent medicine. The Rasayana chikitsa works to enhance the metabolic process to realise the optimum biotransformation from defective organs into optimum functioning organs. This Shastra is also called as the rejuvenation therapy. The vajeekarana chikitsa works to improve the hypothalamus functioning, the endocrine system, etc., it is known to treat hormonal imbalance triggered infertility.

A couple may have spent a lot of time in testing facilities and undergone various procedures for extraction of sperm cells. The procedures like sperm wash, PESA, MESA, TESE, etc., do not guarantee that the sperms collected are healthy. The sperm quality is not good as no efforts are made to correct

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