Are Impotence, Loss of Libido and Sexual Weakness Interrelated

Are Impotence, Loss of Libido and Sexual Weakness Interrelated
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Yes, most of the male sexual debility conditions are interrelated and are often an indication of a serious underlying problem. The male libido is dependent on factors like mental health, lifestyle, diet and emotional well-being.

When the frequency of sex and interest in the act is reduced greatly it indicates the onset of the libido- loss. Side effects of drugs is a common factor causing loss of libido in men. Drug abuse and emotional upheavals are known to affect the sexual wellbeing and libido in general. Many problems with sexual performance indicate a deep emotional cause or a history of drug abuse, or conditions affecting the pituitary gland and hence causing a hormonal imbalance.

Anxieties play a common role in causing sexual debility conditions in men. Excessive use of medication like the tranquillizers, blood pressure regulators, and drugs to improve sexual functioning or narcotics are known to give you libido-loss.

Disorders like tumours, malfunctioning thyroid or pituitary gland may interfere with hormone secretion and hence cause poor libido. When men with poor libido try to perform a sexual act owing to pressure or as a compromise, it may result in ejaculation failures and gradually induce sexual weakness and impotence like symptoms.

Herbal supplements like the Ashwagandha, Indian gooseberry, Shilajit help one overcome the physical conditions causing the loss of libido. Valerian, passionflower, California poppy, Lavender, etc are few herbs which fight the depression induced loss of libido. Visit an expert to know which of the herbal supplements are suitable for your body type.



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