The Nutritional Value of Bitter Gourd

The Nutritional Value of Bitter Gourd
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  • This is also known as bitter melon, and it can be consumed in juice, in pickles or may also be cooked as delicious dishes.

  • Bitter gourd is an excellent healer of respiratory problems like cold, cough, asthmatic disorders. You can take a paste of the leaves of bitter gourd, adding it to a paste of tulsi leaves and honey, every morning to be free from any respiratory problems.

  • Bitter gourd also heals liver problems, if you can drink a glass of its juice continuously for a week or so.

  • The vegetable has a curing effect on infections of any type. If you can have boiled bitter melon every day, your immune system is going to improve manifold.

  • Bitter gourd has a beneficial effect on your skin as well. With regular intake of this juice, all your skin rashes, acne and other blemishes, on the surface of the skin or deep inside can be healed.

  • Bitter gourd is a great blood purifier as well. All blood related problems that make their manifestation on the skin and other parts of the body, like blood boils, itching, psoriasis etc. can be treated.

  • It also heals fungal diseases that appear as ringworms etc. on our skin.

  • Bitter gourd can also act as a good anti-oxidant and anti-aging solution. For the best results, you need to consume bitter gourd juice mixed with lemon juice in the morning on empty stomach.

  • One of the best effects of bitter gourd is in its power to overcome diabetes mellitus type 2. This type of diabetes is mainly caused due to inadequate insulin secretion and its inability to absorb the excess sugar in the blood. Bitter gourd activates the kinase protein in the cell that helps in sugar absorption.

  • Moreover, biiter gourd also has certain ingredients in it that act as insulin. This helps to keep the high blood sugar level under strict control.

  • The recipe for the life – saving green juice to fight diabetes is as follows:

    • Juice of cucumber

    • Juice of green apples

    • Bitter gourd juice

    • Juice of celery

    • Juice made from green capsicum

  • Bitter gourd contains fiber, that helps you to fight chronic constipation and problems with indigestion.

  • Bitter gourd is also known to heal kidney stones.

  • Bitter gourd helps to reduce the LDL or bad cholesterol levels, thus preventing heart attacks.

  • Bitter melon helps in preventing the cancer cells from multiplying.


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