Three Simple Home Remedies against Trichomoniasis

Three Simple Home Remedies against Trichomoniasis
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Trichomoniasis is an STI caused due to an entry of the protozoan parasite namely the Trichomonas Vaginalis. This condition is prominently observed in women. It can be transmitted to any person via sexual contact. Once this parasite finds an entry into your system, you become vulnerable to all kinds of STDs including HIV and STIs.

This condition does not show any significant symptoms in many cases. The common symptoms like the burning sensation, abnormal and smelly discharge may be confused with other STDs. A diagnostic test may be required to ascertain the presence of this protozoan parasite. Once this condition is diagnosed, you will be suggested antibiotics to terminate the parasites present in your system. To aid in this process, follow few simple home remedies with the consent from your doctor.

Fenugreek Seeds to cure the infection completely

Fenugreek seeds offer you a safe remedy to get rid of the infection completely. In general, there are no allergic reactions to using the seeds. One may use this seed in numerous ways. Follow any one of the methods each day consistently for a few weeks.

  • Drinking the water in which the fenugreek seeds were soaked overnight on an empty stomach each morning is a good remedy.

  • Or, you may boil 2 tsp of fenugreek seeds and drink the decoction when it is fairly hot.

  • Try to consume it daily to boost your immunity and hence fight the infection naturally.

Apply Coconut oil

Coconut oil in its pure form is very good to fight infection. It soothes the burning sensation and helps overcome the itch. The antiparasitic and antimicrobial characteristics of the virgin coconut oil help fight the infection naturally. You can use coconut oil as douche or apply it to affected area gently. Follow any one of the methods for applying coconut oil every day for at least two weeks.

  • Dab the coconut oil on the affected area and let it dry.

  • Dip a dry and clean cotton ball in the coconut oil and apply it as douche in the vagina. You can wash it with warm water after 3 hours.

Citrus intake for battling Trichomoniasis

Citrus fruits have Vitamin C in abundance. It helps boost your immune system and hence fight the parasite naturally. Consume it daily every morning, to see a marked difference in your overall health.

  • Squeeze the juice from lemons or oranges each morning, add 2 tsp of honey before consuming it. Follow this procedure for at least two weeks.

  • If you suffer from a diabetic condition, consult your doctor before following this remedy.

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